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Piscean Village (5 stardusts)

1. Hidden path in the left side below "Cynbel's Secret"

2. Hidden path around the top and right side inside Gen's house

Entrance to the secret room:

3. On the eye of the first appearing fish statue

4. In the ceiling of the bottom current path

5. Far far right of the screen; right of the entrance to Cynbel Sea

Cynbel Sea - The Gate of the Sun (7 stardusts)

6. Top hidden path above the first appearing enemy

7. Far right of the path below the energy crystals

8. Hidden path directly above the fish statue

9. Middle darkness path entrance

Secret room in the ceiling of the top most path of spikes and current

11. Path right of the fish statue, top right; directly above coffer #52

12. Golden Rectangle room

Palace of the Sun (3 stardusts)

13. Below the steps under the box

14. At the end of the bottom right path of the screen past the gates

15. Left side of the shaft past the auditorium