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Windwheels - Magna (47 coffers)

1. Left of the start

2. Hidden path in the first cliff left of #1

3. In the hidden path directly below #2

4. On the rail left of #3

5. In the air left of #4

6. At the very top of the screen directly above #5

7. On to the top rail above where you meet Norah

8. On the ground below where you meet Norah; difficult to see

9. In the waterfall directly above #8 and left of #7

10. All the way left on the rail left of #9

11. Inside the windwheel left of #10 top entrance

Secret room left of the bottom exit of the windwheel:

12. Right side

13. In the ground near #12

14. Bottom left of #13

15. Directly below #14

Entrance to the a room, left side, bottom path:

16, 17. Two coffers inside the room

18. Bottom path in between the spikes

19. Upper path in between the spikes

20. On the cage right of #19

21. Top right in the darkness

22. Bottom right in the darkness

23, 24, 25, 26. At the end of the secret room

27. On the ground directly above the entrance to the secret room

28. Far top left of #27; floating below the rail

29. On the gorund next to the left edge of the windwheel left of #28

30. Next to the rock enemy left of #29

31. Directly left of #30

32. At the top left of #31

33. Directly left of #31 inside the hidden path

34. Behind the waterfall closest to Magna's hand

Entrance to the secret room in the bottom path:

35, 36. At the end of the secret room

37. Left of the secret room next to rock enemy

38. Top left of #37 in the waterfalls

39. Hidden path directly below #38 leading into the gold mine

40. Random coffer hiding in the dark far left in the gold mine

41, 42. Top path of the gold mine

43. Bottom path of the gold mine

44. Hidden path left of #39, gold mine; spider guarding coffer

45. Outside, directly above #44

Secret room on the left side of the path above #45:

46. Inside the secret room

47. At the top of the cliff right of the town; Magna's head

Town of the Bolmus Populi (11 coffers)

48. On the first tower

Entrance to the first tower:

49. Inside the room

Next available door to the left:

50. Floating in between the lights

51. Next to the hole to the cellar

Entrance to the next room:

52. Far right of the exit

53. Directly below the exit

54. Right of the spikes. Coffer disappears after opening it

55. Far right of #54

56. Bottom right of the room right after the switch gate; hard to see
Coffer disappears after opening it

57. At the end of the room where it loops

Second available door from the left

58. Inside the room at the end

Inside Magna (21 coffers)

59. At the top near the exit

60. Left of the exit

61. In the path towards the bottom

62. Right fork at the end of #61

63. Right side of the path after #62

64. Left path of the heart

65. Left path of the heart

66. Left path of the heart

67. Left path of the heart

68. At the end of the left path of the heart

69. Right path of the heart

70. At the end of the right path of the heart

Right side, bottom path, entrance to the secret room:

71. Top left of the room

72. Top right of the room

73. Directly bottom left of #72

74. Bottom path below #73

75, 76, 77, 78. Inside the vault

79. At the end of the very bottom right side path