Here you can download the system and roms. Each zip has the system and a folder with the games inside. Unzip the contents and find the emulator. These are not always the latest versions of the emulators, some new versions will cause bugs in the games, so using hte version that has full compatibility.
The DS has some fmv issues with sound, trying to find a work around before posting. The psx games take a long time to download in parts, have ix already.



Final Fantasy I for NESFinal Fantasy I and II for GBAThe NES version is much more difficult than the GBA release.
Final Fantasy IV for SNESFinal Fantasy IV for GBAFinal Fantasy IV for DSThe SNES is classic, the GBA is tougher and has extra levels, the DS is a 3d remake script rewrite, and extras.
Final Fantasy V for GBA
Final Fantasy VI for SNESFinal Fantasy VI for GBA
Final Fantasy Tactics for GBA